Who We Are

QWEERSS began in 2011, the brainchild of two queer* identified staff members who wondered why there was no organized professional group on campus. They wanted to establish a group to share ideas and information of interest to the queer campus community which would serve as a means to support one another, and hopefully, create greater queer visibility on campus for the benefit of students.

We are a loosely based group who welcome all queer identified staff, faculty, and administrators. We manage a Google group that notifies all its members of upcoming events that may be of interest. This Google group is private and not open to the public. Email qweerss@humboldt.edu to be added to the Google group.


Join us every other week for lunch (bring-your-own) and conversation; come when you can! They happen every first Wednesday of the month and third Thursday of the month in an outdoor and on-campus location. Please email Patrick (patrick.malloy@humboldt.edu) or Nicki (nicki.viso@humboldt.edu) to be added to the calendar invite.