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Who We Are

QWEERSS began in 2011, the brainchild of two queer* identified staff members who wondered why there was no organized professional group on campus. They wanted to establish a group to share ideas and information of interest to the queer campus community which would serve as a means to support one another, and hopefully, create greater queer visibility on campus for the benefit of students. The initial goals were threefold, to establish a queer social group, book group, and a mentoring program between queer students and staff/faculty.

We are a loosely based group who welcome all queer identified staff, faculty, and administrators. We manage a Google group that notifies all its members of upcoming events that may be of interest. This Google group is private and not open to the public.

Social Events

During the academic year we meet semi-regularly in social settings. We meet off campus on the third Thursday of each month after work, and roughly once a month on campus for brown-bag lunches. These gatherings provides us with a chance to discuss campus queer news, events or just catch up socially.

Book Group

While a book group was initially one of the goals of our group, our first forays seemed to attract little follow up interest. The beauty of this group is that any member is completely welcome to organize one!


Working with Student Affairs and Housing, our group worked to pair interested student with staff and faculty to help them establish a support network.

*The term "queer" is used collectively for all self-identified Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex [GLBTQI] people, and refers to staff members unless specifically stated otherwise.)