Gender Neutral Bathrooms on Campus & in the Community

This listing of bathrooms is primarily gendered, single-stall restrooms.

On-Campus Locations

Download your very own campus Gender Neutral map! Updated 2/6/2020 with the help of the Gender Inclusive Restroom Task Force.

Balabanis House (Multiculteral Center)
Brero House, located north of Library Circle
Bret Harte House, located on Laurel St. next to Gist Hall
Brookins House (between Jenkins and Science D - first floor): open M-F 8-5
Buck House (CCAT), located behind the BSS bldg
College Creek Community Center
Dennis K Walker Greenhouse / Science E
Eric Rofes Center (ERC)
Facilities Management
Feuerwerker House
Fish Hatchery
Forbes D (Accessible Outside)
Founders Hall: 2nd floor, first right after going up the stairs, open 8-5 M-F
Gist Hall (near Van Duzer Theatre): two bathrooms in the basement near the theatre in room 002
Harry Griffith Hall (HGH): East side of the 2nd floor - multi-stall, gender inclusive restroom
Kinesiology & Athletics Bldg - two are located between the Women's and Men's locker rooms on the bottom floor. You will need the door code from Mira Friedman (836-5234).
Hadley House: (behind Library) 1st floor, open 8-5, M-F
Hagopian House
Jensen House
Kinesiology & Athletics
Little Apartments
Mary Warren House
Multicultural Center (Balabanis Hosue / House 55) 2 bathrooms on the 1st & 2nd floors open daily from 8-5
Marine Wildlife Care Center
Natural Resources, 1st Floor
Nelson Hall East: (near the University Center) open 8-5 M-F
Recreation and Wellness Center
Schmidt House
Science C: Two single occupancy restrooms on the 1st floor
Science E / Dennis K Walker Greenhouse
Sculpture Lab
Student Health Center
Telonicher House
Telonicher Marine Lab (located in Trinidad, not shown on camps map)
Toddler Center
Van Matre Hall (next to Founders Hall): 2 bathrooms on the 2nd floor, accessible M-F 8-5
Wagner House
Warren House (Eric Rofes Multicultural Queer Resource Center).
Walter Warren House (INRSEP)
Wildlife & Fisheries: First Floor, near the main entrance - single occupancy restroom

Community Locations

Note that the off-campus bathrooms listed are at stores or restaurants and will most likely require you to be a paying customer.


Arcata Co-op
Arcata Pizza & Deli
Big Blue
Japhy’s Soup & Noodles
Live From New York
North Coast Co-Op
Pho Hoang
Renata’s Creperie
Stars Hamburgers
Sushi Spot
Sushi Tao
Ultimate Yogurt
Wildberries Marketplace
Wildflower Café


Bless My Soul Café
Old Town Coffee and Chocolates
Redwood Curtain Theatre


Chevron Gas Station (most likely okay to use without purchasing anything)
Trinidad Bay Eatery

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